About the BCOV

The Beagle Club of Victoria (Inc) was established in 1964 and is affiliated with the Victorian Canine Association.

The Club today is run within the guidelines of a formal Constitution and holds quarterly General Meetings (February, May, August, & November) on dates published in the Club’s newsletter, Paw Prints, which is issued every second month, at an address provided prior to the meeting, as we don’t currently have a permanent place for meetings.

Office bearers are elected at the Annual General Meeting in November to manage the day to day affairs of the Club.

Conformation shows

The Club conducts one Championship Show each year. Entry in the Championship Show is available to all persons, Club members or otherwise, who meet the necessary requirement of being a VCA member and have dogs and bitches who are listed on the full register.

Walks and (scent) hunts

The walks and Hunts are available for all members of the BCOV and are held at varying locations throughout Victoria at intervals throughout the year. More details of the walks and hunts can be found in the Club newsletter – Paw Prints.

Litter information

As a service to both its members and to the public in general, the Club maintains details of members who are registered breeders, who have puppies and older dogs for sale. A breeder must be a member of the Club for over 6 months before they can sell a litter of puppies through the Club. If you are looking for a beagle puppy check out “acquiring a beagle” for some very good information. We also have a Puppies for Sale page, where details of litters that are currently for sale are displayed.

Advice about Beagles

If you have enquiries about the breed in general (is this the breed for you, what should you know about the breed before considering a puppy, behaviour etc), please call one of the committee members, or you might like to come to a dog show (see Dogs Victoria website for a calendar showing when and where dogs shows are being held) and meet some of the Beagle breeders.

Beagle Club newsletter

Club members receive the Club newsletters, Paw Prints, either by email for a full-colour version, or by ordinary mail as a black and white printed copy. It should be sent out at the change of seasons, however, this sometimes has to be adjusted slightly. The newsletter contains details of all Club business, as well as articles on our breed and canine affairs in general, of interest to Beagle owners. It also contains show results, special wins (from any form of competition), births, deaths, and any articles members would like to have included. The magazine also provides for general advertising by members as well as yearly advertising for breeders, stud dogs and litters and provides an excellent medium for reaching the majority of concerned Beagle owners of Victoria.


February, May, August, November (as a guide only, the meeting arrangements are flexible depending on the availability of the committee.)

Meetings are held on dates advertised in Paw Prints at an address to be advised prior to the meeting. Meetings are mostly attended by the Committee Members, but any financial club member is welcome to attend. New ideas and suggestions are always welcome.



Office bearers and life members

Noreen Harris

Sue Walker

Assistant Vice President, Property Officer
Jill England

Treasurer, Public Officer
Jill England

Secretary, Show Manager
Pam Tyler

Facebook administrator
Greg Barron
Jill England

Walks & Social Activities Coordinator, Assistant Treasurer
Don McLean

Newsletter Editor
Jean Godfrey

Puppy/Breed Enquiry Officer
Marilyn Parise

Web Designer
Megan Vitale

Life Members
Noreen Harris
Judy Oliver
Jill Farley