Dog show awards
View the details of the upcoming dog shows, as well as the listings of past results.

Previous show results

50th Anniversary Championship Show

Sunday 31st October 2015

Judge: Dr Eugene Yerusalimsky (Russia)
BIS:  Ch Daisyglen Beachcomber
RUBIS: Ch Sanmar Fiddle Dee Dee

BIS and RBIS 50th Championship Beagle Show

49th Championship Show

Sunday 21st September 2014

Judge:  Ms K Mangan (QLD) – Treeview Beagles 35 entries, 33 Beagles shown.
BIS:  Ch Raesay Spirit in the Sky (Leonie McRae)
RUBIS:  Sup Ch Baldev Legally Blonde (Bownds & Stopford)

Unfortunately no critique has been provided by the judge, Ms Mangan, so cannot be included with the photos and results.

48th Championship Show

Sunday 22nd September 2013

Judge:  Mrs Christine Lewis (UK) – Fallowfield Beagles
BIS: CH Baldev White Witch (S Perkins)
RUBIS:  UK & Sup Ch Orobay Graceful Triumph (J Millar)

47TH Championship Show

Sunday 23rd September 2012

Judge:  Ms Elly Vervoort – Ellys Pack Beagles
BIS: Clarion Beach Ball (Grant Gibson and Truda Mawby)
RUBIS: Ch Langrigg Cupcake (Lee Gibson)

46th Championship Show

Sunday 25th September 2011

Judge:  Mrs Patience Walden (UK) – Nedlaw Beagles
BIS:  Aust Ch Beagelee Capone (Ray Mulcahy)

RUBIS:  Aust Ch Baldev Legally Blonde (Bownds, Bownds and Stopford)

45th championship Show

19th September 2010

Judge:  Barbara Martin (NSW) – Braylodge Beagles
BIS:  Ch Orobay Graceful Triumph (J Millar)
RUBIS:  Redcap Semeru Boomerang (IMP UK) (J Millar)

44th Championship Show

19th September 2010

Judge:  Carol Boulton (NSW) – Casalbeau Beagles
BIS:  Ch Orobay Graceful Triumph (J Millar)
RUBIS:  Gr Ch Orobay Optical Magic (S Skinner)

43rd Championship Show

31st October 2009

Judge:  Mrs Molly Martin (USA)
BIS:  Gr Ch Beagelee Aqua Di Gio (L Duval)
RUBIS: Gr Ch Moonmagik Rain Dancer (Childs)


42nd Championship Show


21st September 2008

Judge:  Mr Charles (Skip) Herendeen  (USA)
BIS:  Gr Ch Beagelee Finnish Spirit (Duval)
RUBIS:  Ch Beagelee Coco by Chanel (Duval)