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Previous show results

50th Anniversary Championship Show

Sunday 31st October 2015

Judge: Dr Eugene Yerusalimsky (Russia)
BIS:  Ch Daisyglen Beachcomber
RUBIS: Ch Sanmar Fiddle Dee Dee

49th Championship Show

Sunday 21st September 2014

Judge:  Ms K Mangan (QLD) – Treeview Beagles 35 entries, 33 Beagles shown.
BIS:  Ch Raesay Spirit in the Sky (Leonie McRae)
RUBIS:  Sup Ch Baldev Legally Blonde (Bownds & Stopford)


Unfortunately no critique has been provided by the judge, Ms Mangan, so cannot be included with the photos and results.

48th Championship Show

Sunday 22nd September 2013

Judge:  Mrs Christine Lewis (UK) – Fallowfield Beagles
BIS: CH Baldev White Witch (S Perkins)
RUBIS:  UK & Sup Ch Orobay Graceful Triumph (J Millar)

47th Championship Show

Sunday 23rd September 2012

Judge:  Ms Elly Vervoort – Ellys Pack Beagles
BIS: Clarion Beach Ball (Grant Gibson and Truda Mawby)
RUBIS: Ch Langrigg Cupcake (Lee Gibson)

46th Championship Show

Sunday 25th September 2011

Judge:  Mrs Patience Walden (UK) – Nedlaw Beagles
BIS:  Aust Ch Beagelee Capone (Ray Mulcahy)

RUBIS:  Aust Ch Baldev Legally Blonde (Bownds, Bownds and Stopford)

45th championship Show

19th September 2010

Judge:  Barbara Martin (NSW) – Braylodge Beagles
BIS:  Ch Orobay Graceful Triumph (J Millar)
RUBIS:  Redcap Semeru Boomerang (IMP UK) (J Millar)

44th Championship Show

19th September 2010

Judge:  Carol Boulton (NSW) – Casalbeau Beagles
BIS:  Ch Orobay Graceful Triumph (J Millar)
RUBIS:  Gr Ch Orobay Optical Magic (S Skinner)

43rd Championship Show

31st October 2009

Judge:  Mrs Molly Martin (USA)
BIS:  Gr Ch Beagelee Aqua Di Gio (L Duval)
RUBIS: Gr Ch Moonmagik Rain Dancer (Childs)

42nd Championship Show

21st September 2008

Judge:  Mr Charles (Skip) Herendeen  (USA)
BIS:  Gr Ch Beagelee Finnish Spirit (Duval)
RUBIS:  Ch Beagelee Coco by Chanel (Duval)